Production lines

MIK-BG has several production lines and can offer production of single pieces, prototypes, collections and limited series, but it can also absorb large production volumes.

Working with different materials

MIK-BG has experience and excellent knowledge in dealing with various materials, natural or artificial, from certified cotton and fine silk, through cashmere and wool to suede and leather.

Highly skilled workers

The employees are highly qualified and regularly trained in order to meet the high quality requirements of the client. Our equipment is up to date and with the most modern machines on the market.

The company is equipped with the latest requirements and standards and with the most modern machines available on the market. The machine fleet has more than 200 machines, including two automatic cutting robots Bullmer and AUDACES, a laser, a 160 cm wide press for gluing large parts or completely gluing cloth, embroidery machine, fillet machine and many others.

The production process is monitored and reported in real time, thanks to the implemented JANETS, Havelock and NM systems.

One of MIK-BG’s latest acquisitions is the innovative Audaces Neocut Bravo cutting line, which leads the company to Industry 4.0. All process management can be done with accurate, integrated data provided by intelligent equipment in real time and with remote access.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has also been implemented at MIK-BG to meet ever-shorter deadlines, changing requirements and a competitive market.

MIK-BG offers a complete set of services in model development, construction, grading, pattern correction. The company also offers its customers quality control of fabrics and various tests of fabrics.